The Parallax Brief


Unrepentant Subjectivity on Economics, Politics, Defence, Foreign Policy, and Russia

About The Parallax Brief

I will make no effort to disguise my motivation for writing this blog. First, it is my conceited hope that there might be somebody out there sufficiently inspired or infuriated by what I write to actually respond. Second, in the likely event that nobody does reply, I reckon that crafting some navel gazing posts on the issues, news and ideas that interest me will be at least cathartic.

What does interest me? The Parallax Brief will contain unashamedly subjective posts on economics, politics, foreign policy and defence. As an Englishman working in an investment bank in Moscow, Russia, I will also attempt to offer some balanced views on Russia (which both the Western and the Russian press seem pathologically unable to provide at the moment), the current economic crisis, as well as the joys of living as a stranger in a strange land.

I have no qualifications to write on these matters other than strong opinions; make no promises to be impartial, maintain objectivity or stick rigidly to the abovementioned topics; and would love to incite some bare-knuckled debating. 

All the best,


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