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I Miss the eXile

It had plenty of critics, and offended even more, but I thought the eXile was brilliant. It is difficult to describe what it was, but somehow (and uniquely, as far as I can imagine) the eXile successfully combined brutally honest, rude, offensive, yet lovingly irreverent portraits of life in Moscow with toilet humour, pornographic stories, military history, outrageously misogynistic diatribe, investigative journalism, college pranks, and insightful political commentary.

Unfortunately, an official audit after ten years of living on the edge brought the party to a close and consigned the eXile to online exile.

In its new online guise, it doesn’t cover Russia in the depth it once did, but the occasional story provides a reminder of what we’re missing.

I wish they’d come back.

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2 Responses

  1. parallaxbrief says:

    Oohhhh… I’m always a bit nervous about eXile and girls because it was so, well, you know, rude, and had naughty stories about shagging hookers and boobs and stuff.

    But, don’t you miss being able to go into one of the expat bars here and pick up a copy of eXile and settle down with quick a drink while you wait for your pals to arrive?

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