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Apocalypse Now in Norilsk

The Russian Arctic city of Norilsk is a stalwart of the Blacksmith Institute’s respected list of the top 10 most polluted places in the world. Founded in 1935 as a gulag-slave labour camp, the area around Norilsk has been devastated by the mining and smelting activities of metals giant Norilsk Nickel: the city is surrounded by a 19 mile (30km) ‘dead zone’, and acid rain it creates pours on an area the size of Germany.

But strangely, we see so little of Norilsk, in large part because it is one of Russia’s ‘closed cities’, a remnant from the communist era, for which travel is restricted.

I don’t want the Parallax Brief to be about simple linking to other blogs without adding value, but today I spotted some pictures of Norilsk so startling I felt compelled to.

I sincerely hope English Russia blog doesn’t mind me pinching one picture for impact (I have put a link on my reading list as payment). 

Science Fiction fans will find the pictures strongly reminiscent of numerous films set in post-apocalyptic or dystopian futures.

Click the picture for the full set.

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