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Financial Crisis Poetry Corner

A blog post by Paul Krugman has inspired me to write a Haiku.

Loan-Shark Enforcer in the World of Modern Debt Financing

With these credit-default swaps,

I never know whose legs,

I’m supposed to break.

So, Nobel Prize on the way? Oh, come on! Surely at least a Pulitser.

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4 Responses

  1. Ronald says:

    I like your Haiku, but you should have credited the New Yorker cartoonist who put this as the caption to the cartoon published in last week’s magazine. Yes, some of us read the New Yorker and saw this in print long before you posted it claiming it as your own.

    • parallaxbrief says:

      Wooohhh there, Silver. Did you not read the more recent post in which I said it was “shameless plagiarism” of a cartoon punchline I saw on Paul Krugman’s blog? I even linked to the cartoon itself.

      Here: Note entry time about 20 minutes after the haiku entry.

      I really didn’t intend to pass it off as my own, you know.

      But is IS my idea to take the punchline and add the headline and put it in a faux Haiku format.

      I hope this assuages your fear that I might have tried to be underhand.

      But well done for reading the New Yorker. It’s awesome, if a little fastidious.

  2. parallaxbrief says:

    Actually, on second thoughts Ron, I should have added the link on this post, rather than the following one.

    I wasn’t deiberately underhand, as I’m sure you’ll agree when you read my post above, but it was remiss of me not to link on the post.

    I’m going to do that now.

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