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Troubled Wisdom Downs Coverage

The Parallax Brief dipped in outout at the end of last week, as Ms. Parallax Brief had yet another round of awful bad luck. First, she lost her job because of the crisis, then she broke her leg, and last week, while still in plaster and hobbling around on crutches, she had a wisdom tooth erupt, causing terrible pain that no painkillers – even when overdosed – could sufficiently ease.

After spending a couple of days crying, popping pills like they were M&Ms, and telling me the pain lasted about five days when the problem arose before, she booked a slot at a dentist her friends had recommended.

It is stomach-churning to see a loved one go through that kind of pain. Arriving from work one night to Ms. Parallax Brief in agony, I was tearfully asked “I’m just tired of being in pain, how much longer?”

I could have cried myself. The feeling of powerlessness when you’re in a foreign country, don’t know how the medical system really works, have a woeful grasp of the language and a loved one in desperate need of some help is almost overwhelming. I tried to reassure her that it would soon be over because the dental appointment was the next day, but the emotional pain of seeing her like that was almost too much to handle.

So powerless did I feel that I even started a thread on a brilliant forum for expats I often visit,, asking for best wishes in the hope it would help. I’m not sure if it did, but the lovely community on the forum all posted generous messages that at least made me feel a little better.

The Parallax Brief also believes in giving credit where credit is due, and after the horror of the hospital Ms. Parallax Brief stayed in after breaking her leg, the dental surgery she visited last week was like entering an entirely  different country.

Located somewhere beyond Dinamo metro station on Leninskiy Prospekt, it was small and certainly not elitniy, but clean, attractively decorated, and modern nonetheless. More important, though, it was staffed by a discreet, pleasant receptionist, and a polite and extremely professional dental surgeon who performed his work expertly and swiftly. After a quicksilver diagnosis, he performed a simple operation, charged a more than reasonable rate, and within a hours of his efforts, Ms. Parallax Brief was feeling better.

I don’t have the full address or phone number, but please get in touch somehow if you want a reasonably priced dentist, who, on the evidence of one piece of work, does a damn fine job. He even made me reassess my position in the private vs public medical care debate —  and considering I’m a Brit convinced of the benefits of our National Royal Shakespearean Tax Payer Picks Up the Bill Health Service, that’s pretty impressive. I will blog soon on this subject, within the conext of the Russian healthcare system.

Thanks again to all the well wishers, and please check soon for new blog entries. I’m back.

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